The College Library has been housed in the multi-storied building. The college Library consists of 75,000 books with an investment of Rs.14.6 Lakhs. The Library is fully Computerized with Barcode system. Internet facility & E. Library are also available. There is qualified librarian in charge of the library. A well equipped  Reference Section is housed in the first floor of the building. Besides the General Library, there are :

1. The Students Aid Society Book sponsored by Sri. Ramanarayana Chellaram Charitable Trust and the Library  Club of Bangalore.

2. Telang Trust library consisting of text books.

3. Poor students’ library.

4. Gandhi Library consisting of National literature (started with donation of Rs. 5000/ – from the students of the college during the year 1963-64) and a matching grant of Rs. 5000/- from the college.

5. Bangalore University Book Bank donated by Sri. B.C.S. Narayan

6. R.N. Cowshik’s Memorial Library for poor students.

7. K. Ravi Memorial Library for poor students. Donors : Sri. K.V. Krishna Rao.

8. Smt. Amara Jyothi


1. Students may borrow books from the library every day that is from Monday to Friday.

2. They may borrow two books at a time, on Barcode system.

3. A student should always possess the college identity card affixed with a passport size photograph duly attested by the Principal, Lib-Card must be produced at the time of borrowing books, both from Reference and Borrowing sections. When the original I.D. Card is lost a duplicate I.D. Library Card will be issued on payment of Rs. 50-00 only.

4. Books should not be sub-lent.

5. If any damage or destruction to the barcode label on the book or I.D. Card will involve a penalty of (Rs.100-00) Rupees One Hundred only.

6. If any damage or destruction to the book or other property belonging to the library is caused by the borrower, he /she shall be required to replace such a book or other property damaged, or pay double the cost. If any volume of a set of book is damaged, the whole set of books must be replaced.

7. Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and such other books are meant for reference only.

8. (a) Books must be returned to the library on the 15th day from the date of borrowing. If books are not returned within the due date, an over due charge of One Rupee per day per book ( as indicated by the computer) will be collected from the defaulter.

(b)Books from book banks may be borrowed for  a period of one Year and they may return them at the end of the year.

9. (a) On the day of issue, he/she must inspect the pages and bring to the notice of the Library Staff any damage to the book that might have occurred already. Negligence to observe this rule will not be considered.

(b) Library dues must be cleared immediately. Failure to do so will disqualify students from appearing for the examination.

10. Under special circumstances the Chief Librarian reserves the right to re-call a book before the date of expiry.

11. Any difficulty or grievances felt in utilizing the library should be brought to the notice of the Chief Librarian.


 A selection of books for reference in all subjects is kept separately in the Reference Section in the I floor of the Library Block. Reference Section works on all working days from 9-30 a.m. to 5-30 p.m. and on Saturdays between 9-30 a.m. to 2-00 p.m.