Sports & Games

Sports and Games

Facilities for playing Basket Ball, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Shuttle-Badminton, Kho-Kho, Athletics Ball, Badminton, Throw-ball, Tennicoit, Softball and Tennis are provided.

We have a well equiped multi-gym and fitness centre for the use of students and members of the staff. Qualified staff are on the faculty of Sports Department and they organize various sports events.

Indoor Games

The college has facilities for indoor games such as table tennis, carrom, chess etc.


The college conducts annually:

1) Tennis Tournmanent

2) Basket Ball Tournament

3) Sri Yadalam Subbaiah Setty Memorial Inter Collegiate Tournament in Shuttle-Badminton.

4) Sri. H. Dasappa Memorial Table Tennis Tournament.

In addition to  the above tournaments, the college conducts an annual Inter-collegiate ball badminton tournament for the members of the staff.

The National College Mountaineering Association:

The National College Mountaineering Club called Arohi was started by the college in 1984 to promote adventurous activities such as trekking, rock climbing, mountaineering,  snowskiing etc. for the students of the college. The activities are conducted under the guidance of a staff-member.

Arohi is recognised by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation, New Delhi: District Youth Service and Sports Board, Government of Karnataka; General K.S. Thimmayya National Academy of Adventure, Government of Karnataka; and Spark, Bangalore.