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Department Lecturer Topic Live Class Document
Computer Science Mritunjay Vishwakarma Concept of OOP Click here! Click here !
Niveditha BC Classes and Object
Simple Interest Lab Program  Click here! Click here!
Bhuvaneshwari B Web Designing
HTML Lab Program Click here! Click here!
Mohana Priya Database Concept Click here! Coming soon.
Accountancy Sandhya Prasanth


non-profit organization
Income and Expenditure
 Part-1  Part-2 Part-3 Part-4 Part-5 Part-6 Part-7

Part-8 Part-9

English Ravi Kumar K B Bridge Course 2020-21 Click here!  Click here!
 Grammar  PPT with Video
G Archana Introduction Click here! Click here!
Poem:When you are old Click here! Click here!
On Children Click here! Click here!
To the foot from it’s Child Empty! Click here!
Velu Niranjan Too Dear!- Leo Tolstoy Empty! Click here!
Economics Ravi I M


Intro to Micro Economics Empty!  Click here!
Theory of Consumer Behaviour Empty! Click here!
B N VENUGOPAL Macroeconomics Click here!
introduction to Macro Economics Click here! Coming soon
Hindi Geetha Nagraj Poem Explanation Click here! Empty!
Sujaan Bhagath Empty!
Kannada R. Tanuja  ಕದಡಿದ ಸಲಿಲಂ ತಿಳಿವಂದದೆ
M.P. Pallavishree


Kannada Grammar-1 Click here! Click here!
Kannada Grammar-2 Click here! Click here!
Kannada Grammar-3  Click here!  Click here!
Kannada Lesson 
Business Studies Swathi saketh Financial management
H Gayathri Financial Market
Click here! Click here!
History  Deepa Madhu  Indian History
Biology  Dr. Tharakeshwari. M Reproduction in organism


B S Vishwanath  Ecology Click here! Click here!
Organism and Population Click here! Coming soon.
Chemistry Rajeshwari V W Polymers Click here! Click here!
Padmalatha Mohan Surface Chemistry Coming soon.
Physics BS Soumya Current Electricity
Angelus Prashanth Regis Electric charges and Fields
Mathematics BS Poornima Vectors
N Shubha Relations and Function
Electronics K M Suvarna FET Click here! Click here!
Transistor biasing Click here! Click here!