1. Admission of students from one class to the next higher class is NOT AUTOMATIC. It is subject to the satisfactory performance in the previous examination.
2. Every student MUST TAKE A FRESH APPLICATION seeking admission to the next higher class each year, attaching the marks card of the promotional examination conducted by the college.
3. STUDENTS SELECTED must pay the admission fee without fail at the time of admission.
4. The calendar for admission to different class will be announced on the Notice Board.
5. Name of the selected students will be entered in the register ONLY AFTER ADMISSION AND PAYMENT OF FEES.
6. Students will be interviewed by the members of admission committee headed by the Principal, before granting admission. Students must attend the interview along with parents.
7. Right of admission is reserved with the college.
8. Use of Mobile Phones in the college campus is strictly prohibited. It will be confiscated if anyone is found using it.


1. Application for admission in the prescribed form should reach the Principal on or before the due date specified on the college notice board.

2. All the benefits and privileges extended by the Govt. to SC/ST/BT and OBC students are made available to them in this college in respect of each course.

3. Application should be accompanied by attested copies of :

a) Transfer Certificate from the Institution last attended.

b) Marks Card of the previous Examination

c) The Medical Examination Certificate from the previous Institution.

d) Latest certificates in the case of students belonging to SC/ST/OBC/Cat I Group.

4. Only attested copies of the certificates should be enclosed. The originals should be enclosed. The originals should be produced at the time of admission.

5. Students coming from other states must submit Migration and Eligibility Certificates.

6. Change of Optional subjects from Science to Humanities is permitted. However, no such change is permitted from the Humanities to Science subjects.

7. I Puc-University applicants must choose the same language that they have studied in the previous class.

8. FEE PAID WILL ON NO ACCOUNT BE REFUNDED. The fee receipt should be preserved and produced on demand.

9. Names of students provisionally selected for admission will be notified on the college Notice Board and the Principal reserves the right of admission.


11. Incomplete applications will not be entertained.

12. Students who have arrears of fees and shortage of attendance will not be permitted to submit their application forms to any of the qualifying examinations.

13. Students selected for admission should affix a passport size photograph in their application and produce 2 extra copies.


1. Students must attend classes regularly.

2. 75% attendance is compulsory.  Shortage of attendance above 25% may disqualify the students from taking the examination.

3. During free time, they are advised to make use of the facilities like library, indoor games, or seek academic assistance from teachers.

4. No student should be found loitering in the quadrangle.

5. I.D. Cards must be produced whenever asked for by any of the college authorities.

6. Visitors (parents, friends, etc) may contact the college office for any assistance. Such visitors shall not go to the classrooms for any purpose or be found in the quadrangle unauthorized. The authorities reserve the right of interrogating or taking suitable action against such persons.

7. Students should take their work seriously and respect fellow classmates and teachers and maintain utmost discipline to keep up the dignity and fair name of the institution.

8. No student is permitted to act indecently or involve in any unruly activity with his or her fellow students.

9. If a student is found indulging in any act of indifference he/she may be terminated from the college.

10. Students may normally meet the principal between 3 and 5 p.m. unless under extraordinary circumstances.

11. Students are instructed to get their documents verified from the college office before meeting the principal for his/ her signature.

12. In case there are occasions for any discipline or complaint students may feel free to express the same with the authorities directly in person. They are not to seek help on such matters from their fellow classmates or senior students.

13. Students are strictly warned not to meddle with electrical installations or carelessly handle instruments supplied for work.  Life is precious and so must be guarded.

14. Scribbling on walls, desks, or defacing prohibited. The Scooter stand must be used to park vehicles to avoid unnecessary problems.

15. Vehicle parking in front of the main gate is prohibited. The Scooter stand must be used to park vehicles to avoid unnecessary problems.

16. Students should attend the College prayer everyday without fail.

17. Students are advised to look into the notice board regularly for important announcements.

18. Use of Mobile Phone in the College is strictly prohibited. It will be confiscated if any one is found using it.


Government of Karnataka offers fee concessions to deserving students. Information pertaining to this will be notified. Students are instructed to apply for such concessions as per the notifications on prescribed forms well in time. Late application will not be entertained. Such concessions granted will be continued to those students on conditions of satisfactory progress and attendance.

List of financial assistance available to students.

  1. Fee concession.
  2. Endowment prizes and scholarships.
  3. Government of India National merit Scholarships.
  4. Government of India Post Merit Scholarship to Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and other Backward Class Students.
  5. National Science Talent Scholarships.
  6. Scholarships to the children and dependents of service Personnel in Army, Air Force and Navy.
  7. Scholarships to the children of Government servants who die while in service.
  8. Sanskrit Scholarships awarded by Rashtreeya Sanskrit Samsthan.
  9. Students welfare fund.